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Sevendust new tune “Till Death” Live Video Posted

Monday, February 11th, 2013

So, Sevendust is without a doubt the most under-rated hard rock band on the planet.  They always have discs with killer grooves and hooks.  If you’ve ever met them they are the nicest guys on the planet.  And they in my opinion totally changed the genre.  How many bands came out that sounded just like Sevendust or had elements after they broke out??  Answer….. 14 of the them…. I dunno a lot….  And you know they are just the hardest working band in their genre too.  They are ALWAYS on tour, cranking out new material doing press.  Probably even at like fireman’s pancake breakfasts and stuff.  Saving sick children from burning buildings.  I can’t confirm that but I hear things!!

But here is some footage from what they mentioned will be their 9th studio album playing a new tune called “Till Death” and if you’re a fan this doesn’t disappoint.