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Mudvayne Bassist Ryan Martinie Summer Tour With Korn Behind The Scenes

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about Mudvayne. My old band got to play some shows with them before they blew up and became the cool kids on the block. And it’s one of my fondest memories up to one member of the band. Since then I talked with Ryan and Matt at a bar during Namm a couple of years ago. And I still have very fond memories up to one member of the band. Later after that while doing interviews for the magazine, we interviewed the guys from Hell Yeah, again very fond memories of everyone from Mudvayne up to one member of the band.

Ryan, is not only probably techincally one of the best bass players in the genre but also the nicest dude on the planet. I have had great conversations with him everytime I talked to him. Same with Chad Gray, talked with him a couple of summers ago and what a cool dude. Made us feel welcome when working with him. Greg was cool, really cool to interview, he was not very out going but liked to talk a bit of gear. Very fond memories up to one member.

Anyway, here is a really cool behind the scenes video from when Ryan was filling in with Korn. Enjoy and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Unless your with that one member of that one band, then you will probably have a total crapper of a time.