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Mark Termonti Project with Wolfgang Van Halen Story

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Last week I posted some rehersal footage that was floating around the tubes with Wolfgang Van Halen rehearsing with the Mark Tremonti Project. At the time I didn’t really know what the situation was other than he was lined up to tour at least for a bit with Mark. Here is an interview detailing the situation. It’s pretty much starting to look like WGVH is a stud!!

Mark Tremonti Project With Wolfgang Van Halen Rehearsal Footage

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

So, some footage was posted this week of the Mark Tremonti project practicing with Wolfgang Van Halen. If you’re not familiar, Mark’s solo project is pretty much bad ass, or asstastic or an asstastrophy of global proportions. At the same time screw Wolfgang for being born into Rock n’ Roll royalty and getting to play with all the cool people right out of the box!!!

I’ve been playing in bands most of my life and I can still only find players that either want me to loan them my gear or teach them how to play theirs. Or of course want to be like Tool. Or record drums with one hanging microphone because they were in the best band ever once that nobody ever heard of. Why does everything have to be perfect and sound good?!!?? Sorry bout that, shrink said I should let things out.

Here is the youtube footage of the practice. And below that is a video of the Mark Tremonti Project tune call You Waste Your Time. Which is exactly what you’ve probably done looking at my website Homie can sing his ass off!!!