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Hannah Ford Current Drummer For Prince

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

So it’s like this…. Hannah Ford is really really really hot!! It’s not just my weakness for blondes (totally my kryptonite) I think I may have watched her vids on the youtubes before I even registered a note to my ears. She is hot if she didn’t play drums. I would be a Hannah Ford fan if she just took pictures by drums or mopeds or something. Most girls that age that look like her are busy riding their looks, but Hannah is actually a pretty killer drummer.

Now I know you may be thinking blah a chick drummer. I know this because as much as I would like to be I am not beyond this same sexist thought myself. It’s just the way it is and it’s that way for a reason. Drumming is traditionally a guy thing. And generally if you see a girl who can hold her own there is something fundamentally wrong somewhere. Like, she has time but not confidence or plays weird. Hannah is the first female drummer that I have personally watched that breaks that stereotype for me. If you’ve paid any attention to any of the music I’ve done you would know that I play pretty progressive heavy material and I wouldn’t think twice about working with a drummer her caliber.

Anyway I’ve been following her on Facebook for a while and watching her bounce from clinic to clinic, I believe her husband is a musician and I think she does some stuff there. But then all of a sudden she drops that she is the drummer for Prince. Man I get excited if my checking account isn’t overdrawn by payday and she goes from trying to pave her way to Princes band. God knows Prince has always had a way with those sexy music girl types!! So hells ya Hannah!!! Below is a vid to her killin some dubstep. Plenty of stuff on the tubes which will just make you wish you had a really hot girlfriend that can play drums. Imagine being able to go home and just get loud with your girlfriend…. All of a sudden I’m sad…. I’m going to eat ice cream and play Xbox now……