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Apple to murder Pandora in cold blood.

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Now, first of I want to say that I am at heart an Apple baby. I love their stuff it really does work great. That being said with the iPhone 5 announcement I am really seriously considering jumping ship to an Android device. I know the popular thing is to say “Android has been doing (insert your function here) for years” But in most cases, the devices are garbage the os is buggy and the UI’s generally suck. But… I want a bigger screen so i’m waiting for the new Moto Razr HD Maxx rather than go after the slightly longer iPhone 5. Its all about girth anyway. Good thing I’m hung like a soup can. But enough about me.

Shares of Pandora stock dropped 20% the other day after Apple anounced that they are developing a service for streaming music and are currently working with labels to hammer out license agreements. This according to an article on Variety found HERE!!!!

So Apple’s patent department, who I think had to be trained by Gene Simmons, patent things like shapes. See they have to so they can sue people who make rectangle phones. But on the flip side they can just kill another business by saying “I’m gonna do that too” Maybe I should try that. It’s like the Jedi mind trick. Perhaps I will start with Jessica Alba… “I can have sex with you better”