Zoom H6 Handy Recorder Product Demo

Zoom H6 Handy Recorder

I’m bumping back up some of my posts for those who haven’t looked and don’t want to dig. And just for some of the gear that I think is cool. Since we’re coming into Christmas and things are slowing down (except for my watch that seems to be speeding up). Here is a quick discussion I had at Summer Namm at the Zoom booth about their H6 Handy Recorder.

I personally own a pair of H2’s and they have been work horses for me. They can take a super high spl level so if my band is playing somewhere, I can just place it in the room, it had different mic configurations and such. But the the H6 is leaps and bounds beyond that with removable capsules and far more feature rich. It’s geared to be a multi purpose product, that can work for concert high spl areas, or for videographers wanting to add mic’s be it from built in mics or xlr.

I need to get one in my studio and replace my H2’s so I can give these a proper review!! But check out the video!!

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