My Chemical Romance Breaks Up

And the sound of Emo tears splashing off of guy liner and skinny girl jeans could be heard around the globe. The jet black oily hair swooping gently covering one eye fell a little lower.

The band has always said they’re not Emo, but Hot Topic frequenters say differently, “Show thy color of blackness and stained sad pants with proudness” they shout “Today is call for all cutters, huffers and crybabies to say screw the system whatever that is” “For I will wear my mall fashion of sadness and despair and carve one sad notch for MCR” For today the misunderstood, (said cloud following Emo kid) has one less reason to live.

Below is the… I dunno, press release, or poem proving they are totally not emo. It starts out with him being sad, then a lil birdie flying into his house and him trying to guide the lil birdy to safety. Then he is happy, then sad, then happy. I think this dude maybe just needs some Paxil and some damn screens.

Emo or not and I tease but this band was pretty huge. Too me it always sucks to see the big ones go down because we currently live in a time where they’re aren’t too many of those left!!

BTW below is a video of them being totally un-emo.

The statement…

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