Scott Stapp Suicide Attempt Saved By Rapper T.I.

Scott Stapp was on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz talking about his book. “Sinners Creed”. I personally didn’t read the book because reading requires your eyes to do that left to right thing and honestly that’s just too much effort. And I always feel bad when I stain the pages with my chubby cheeto fingers. I can wipe off my remote. So I guess i’ll wait for the movie.

Anyway, he talks about the book opens with him going on a huge bender, hearing cops pounding on the door and him trying to climb out the balcony windows. Which of course never works, that only works in the movies. And the “Arms Wide Open” video was not a movie, I dont care how much it cost.

So he falls 40′ fractures his skull, breaks his beak and his hip and lays there in a pool of blood unable to move. When apparently rapper T.I. found him and took care of him basically saving his life. That story almost made me want to read the book. But instead watch the VH1 interview below.

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