American Idol Is Now Just Honey Boo Boo **SHOCKER**

In my **SHOCKER** post of the century, American Idol has now moved on now and appears to be aiming for the Honey Boo Boo demographic. In what seems like a cross between Honey Boo Boo and a Chuck E Cheese cell phone gang fight video, Nicki Minaj is screaming at Mariah Carey in a totally non-stereotypical “Ohh No You Di’nnnnT” rant. Which I think is awesome! Because who better to judge talent other than someone like Nicki, why not have the people that write or auto-tune her music judge?

Best part of the video is watching Keith Urban, I bet he wishes he was a real cowboy right about now. That way he could of hopped on Mariah, rode her around the barrel and goat roped Nicki till the clowns came out to wrangle them back into the cages. Which to me is about the only way this would be successful, if it turned into a good old fashioned rodeo!!! Sometimes they have funnel cakes at rodeos. I like funnel cakes.

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