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Lamb Of God’s Chris Adler Details Randy Blythe Arrest

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Unless you’ve been living in a closet you’ve probably heard about the Randy Blythe arrest and detention in Prague for manslaughter. He was arrested for an incident that had taken place a few years prior in the death of a fan that had rushed the stage and was pushed back into the crowd. You know, pretty much like every metal show you see everywhere. Only this dude hit is head and died.

In this interview done by Chris Adler talks about how the arrest went down. Pretty much how you would think only with ski masks, body armor and such. Below is a segment from the MetalInsider article.

So we’re getting off the plane along with everyone else, and they’re pulling us aside one at a time. At first I didn’t think anything of it, and then they pulled me aside and I still didn’t think anything of it. Then I notice that it’s not random and it’s just the band and the crew. I still wasn’t thinking anything of it – since we all check in together, maybe somebody forgot something that they shouldn’t have put in their bag on an airplane and they’re going to want to talk to us all about it. Then once they had us all corralled together, the 12 of us, they opened a door behind us to another room, and I assumed it was just to begin the process of telling us what the deal was or what the fine was for carrying liquor or a joint in a bag or something.

So we walk in this room and there’s ten guys that look like they’re ready for the apocalypse. Scary, scary dudes with black ski masks on, huge machine guns, full body armor, guns strapped to thighs, calves and chests, and mace out. This is where it gets very scary, and we realized it was something far more than what someone had in their bag. The plainclothes officer explained to us in broken English that they were investigating a homicide. Even when they said that, of course it became much more serious than someone pissing in public, but still, we’d been flying around the world for the last 5 ½ weeks, maybe something happened at one of these festivals and they’re talking to all of the bands, or someone we know might be in trouble – we never thought they were investigating us. Then they hand us all a piece of paper that explains in broken English about the situation that happened in 2010. They said they needed us all for interrogation, but they’re taking Randy with us now. That’s when it hit us. No one had heard anything about this, it was very very scary to be involved in, and we realized with the SWAT team standing around us that there was nothing we could do about it.

Well how bout that to crap on your tour!!! Read the full article HERE

Rock Guitarist Marino De Silva Jailed for Charity Fraud

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

So, I used to know this one dude, he promised everything in the world, said he had worked with everyone (with no evidence of course) claimed to be Grammy Nominated, was currently working side production for some huge star whenever you talked to him. Then when you caught on to his bullshit he would go around to the rest of the circle of people you knew and tried to throw you under the bus. This dude is sort of like that.

In this article from Marino De Silva decided to tell his pals that he was dropping discs of previously unreleased Hendrix, Stones, and Beatles material. Our buddy here billed himself as “international multi-platinum award-winning guitarist” said he won a Grammy and also produced chairty CD’s, which of course never passed money to charity.

Homie would call his buddies and invite them to join one of his ventures (with investment of course) and away he would go. The part I thought was best was he did eventually produce discs but I guess they were of him playing covers of Hendrix and such…. I guess these tracks were so rare that the artist didn’t even appear on them!!!

Finally dude was forced to flee his $2m mansion and police finally pinned him in Nevada in Feb. He was just sentenced to no less than 3 years for being a dickhead with terrible leftover 80’s hair.

Corey Taylor Winner of the Metal Hammer Legend Award

Monday, September 17th, 2012

I’ve crossed paths with Corey Taylor a hand full of times in my life. The biggest was when I filmed interview footage of them at Blackbird studios in Nashville while Stone Sour was recording Audio Secrecy. Being from Iowa and being active in the music scene you tend to bump into the Slipknot cats from time to time. So I have to say on a personal level these guys are all champs. I’ve never had a bad experience with any of them, as a matter of fact Corey made sure that we got our interview footage with him at Namm just because we were from Iowa. (Which was actually hooked up by his wife who talked to us when everyone else told us to talk to the hand) Jim Root used to play with some other bands before Slipknot got picked up and was always a cool cat, and from my experience kind of a gear nerd!!

So, Corey Taylor won the Metal Hammer Legend award in Berlin and was presented by U.D.O singer Udo Dirkschneider. Which is pretty fitting since he and his band mates have been whooping ass in 2 bands for over a decade!! Link to the loudwire article HERE Or if your as immediate gratification as I am here is the youtube video.

Mark Termonti Project with Wolfgang Van Halen Story

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Last week I posted some rehersal footage that was floating around the tubes with Wolfgang Van Halen rehearsing with the Mark Tremonti Project. At the time I didn’t really know what the situation was other than he was lined up to tour at least for a bit with Mark. Here is an interview detailing the situation. It’s pretty much starting to look like WGVH is a stud!!

Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban Joining American Idol

Monday, September 17th, 2012

In my who cares post of the day, it was announced that Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban will be joining American Idol. I will admit, I used to watch this show. It used to be fun. You had Simon who was a total dick, and could be because he created industry juggernaut profit monsters, one right after the other. Whether you thought it was an ass or not his opinion counted because he had an eye for that. Then you had Paula, who was really just the drunken feel good judge but we still liked her as a balance to Simons dickheadisms. And of course Randy, who was the industry workhorse. The dude played with a lot of cool people, killer tours and recording sessions and really just carried respect because of his resume.

So now the show sucks, we’re changing judges as much as contestants and I don’t like it anymore. Shut it off!!!!
Link to the announcement HERE

Berklee College Of Music Is Gonna Run You A Couple Of Bucks

Monday, September 17th, 2012

When I was a kid I really really really wanted to go to Berklee, mostly because a lot of my heroes went there. Now, I don’t remember how much jack it took then, I was busy trying to score change for a pack of smokes and a couple of Lil’ Debbies on the way to my next gig. But I do remember that according to my calculations it would have taken a lot and I didn’t have very much. This deficiency created a pretty big barrier between me and my dreams of soaking up musical knowledge at Berklee.

So today I caught this pretty cool article on The Cost of Attending Berklee. And by pretty cool I mean it gave me freakin chills. According to the breakdown which according to the article was provided by Berklee itself, a year of learning how to rock is gonna set you back about $62,319. So times 4 = $249,276. Now let’s look at this a little closer.

Notable Berklee Grads, Steve Vai, Mike Portnoy, Pat Metheny, Branford Marsalis, Joe Lovano, Stu Hamm, Will Calhoun…..

People in music that have made a ton of money…. Puff Daddy (Dropped out of Howard University as a business major), 50 Cent (Attended a Correction Boot Camp), U2, Lady Gaga (Went to NYU) All of this according to Wikipedia so you know it’s true. (I do my research)

So my lesson to you here is save your quarter million and rap!! Check out the article HERE

Mudvayne Bassist Ryan Martinie Summer Tour With Korn Behind The Scenes

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about Mudvayne. My old band got to play some shows with them before they blew up and became the cool kids on the block. And it’s one of my fondest memories up to one member of the band. Since then I talked with Ryan and Matt at a bar during Namm a couple of years ago. And I still have very fond memories up to one member of the band. Later after that while doing interviews for the magazine, we interviewed the guys from Hell Yeah, again very fond memories of everyone from Mudvayne up to one member of the band.

Ryan, is not only probably techincally one of the best bass players in the genre but also the nicest dude on the planet. I have had great conversations with him everytime I talked to him. Same with Chad Gray, talked with him a couple of summers ago and what a cool dude. Made us feel welcome when working with him. Greg was cool, really cool to interview, he was not very out going but liked to talk a bit of gear. Very fond memories up to one member.

Anyway, here is a really cool behind the scenes video from when Ryan was filling in with Korn. Enjoy and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Unless your with that one member of that one band, then you will probably have a total crapper of a time.

Diamond Nitrox Quick Demo Video with Ibanez RG Giger

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Here is a demo of the Diamond Nitrox. So many moons ago I was asked to film and take part in a project demoing a bunch of heads. My footage wasn’t used. But since I filmed the entire thing I had my footage sitting in my video vault with the other misfit toys including my sex tape from that romantic summer I had with Megan Fox and of course my pro bowl season with the Vikings. But that was a different time and now all I have left are the memories. And this video of my noodling with the Diamond Nitrox.

I have to say this is a really cool head. And maybe someday I can convince the good people at Diamond to loan me one so I can do a proper GearZombiee video with it!! I tend to play kind of all over the place and not a lot of heads work well with that especially for rock. It’s like you either chug, play wide open or whatever. And generally decent cleans are hard to find with higher gain heads. I found that this had good pronunciation great warm lead tone and a totally useable clean. So totally this would be a fun one to get in my studio and do a bunch of videos on!!!

So this is just camera audio and all and my playing isn’t terrible but ohh well. I’m glad I’m starting to post these and they are behind me.

Apple to murder Pandora in cold blood.

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Now, first of I want to say that I am at heart an Apple baby. I love their stuff it really does work great. That being said with the iPhone 5 announcement I am really seriously considering jumping ship to an Android device. I know the popular thing is to say “Android has been doing (insert your function here) for years” But in most cases, the devices are garbage the os is buggy and the UI’s generally suck. But… I want a bigger screen so i’m waiting for the new Moto Razr HD Maxx rather than go after the slightly longer iPhone 5. Its all about girth anyway. Good thing I’m hung like a soup can. But enough about me.

Shares of Pandora stock dropped 20% the other day after Apple anounced that they are developing a service for streaming music and are currently working with labels to hammer out license agreements. This according to an article on Variety found HERE!!!!

So Apple’s patent department, who I think had to be trained by Gene Simmons, patent things like shapes. See they have to so they can sue people who make rectangle phones. But on the flip side they can just kill another business by saying “I’m gonna do that too” Maybe I should try that. It’s like the Jedi mind trick. Perhaps I will start with Jessica Alba… “I can have sex with you better”

Orange Amps Tiny Terror Giveaway

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

If you love Orange amps and lets be serious they are pretty damn cool!! I know GearZombie would love to have some here for videos and testing!! Hint Hint!! But, until then you can enter to win a Tiny Terror and the Every Time I Die album Ex-Lives. Register to win HERE!!!