Billie Joe Armstrong Checks Into Rehab After iHeartRadio Fest Rant Video

Drugs are bad… mmmmmkay…. Or I guess booze as appears to be the case. But here is the situation. Green Day is playing the iHeart Radio Fest mmmmkay…. Big Monitor above what appears to be sound or light crew or both in front of Billie mmmkay…. Big monitor has time counter which apparently dropped to 1 minute mmmkay… Green Day was supposed to have 45 min set mmmkay… But apparently that got cut short because Usher needed more time. Billie Joe stops song to voice his opinion on their set being cut short.

Billie, freaks out , drops a lot of F-bombs, and basically says fuck the establishment in a way that to me is still totally Rock N’ Roll. Then in a total crowd pleaser he takes out his aggressions on a Les Paul, which btw make the bass player follow suit (good thing Bill didnt jump off a bridge) and storms off the stage. So I have to say, to me this is totally bad ass. But with most things that are bad ass, something had to happen and in this case Billie goes to rehab.

Here is the statement released on the Green Day’s website

“Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong is seeking treatment for substance abuse. Green Day would like everyone to know that their set was not cut short by Clear Channel and to apologize to those they offended at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas. The band regretfully must postpone some of their upcoming promotional appearances.”

So, obivously I hope that BJA is ok but I have to say, from watching this video I kind of wish I was at that show!!! But then I would of had to watch a longer Usher set so I’m kind of glad I just get to watch the YouTube highlights.

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