An IceBreaker!

So, I’m working on setting up a nice lil blog with wordpress.  I thought this would be a good easy way for me to put together a quick functional site in sort of a wysiwyg sort of editor.  Since web development isn’t really my bag of tricks this appeared to be a good solution.  I almost wish I would have just started building a site myself.  Now I’m trying to learn wordpress and build my site.  Just not enough hours in the day.

Anyway, sooner or later this will be done and it will be a nifty resource for all gear nerds!!





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About the author


What up!!! I am a musician. I try to be a musicians musician at that. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable as a guitar/bass player, drummer and fairly decent in the studio. I also work very hard on my song writing skills. I’m not claiming to be an expert by any means and in my opinion few people really are.

What I am however is a guy that has learned a lot from trial and error and watching others follow the same process. What this site is designed to do is help others along the way. Maybe you’re looking for a piece of gear and want a users perspective on it rather than the manufacturers sales pitch or the paid for sales pitch by most of today’s biased publications. Or, maybe you’re trying to accomplish something sound wise and just can’t hit the nail on the head. My goal is this page is going to provide a resource for all things in today’s guitar, drum, studio… bla bla bla…. You get the point.

If you see a video or article you like please comment, if you don’t like it comment too. But whatever you do be respectful of everyone involved. All I want is a cool place to discuss all things rock!!



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